Installation Report Generator now is in the Universe


Installation Report Generator has just been entered in the Universe and I want to thank Luca Falavigna for all the feedbacks and the help he gives me everyday.

If you want to install it on Intrepid (or Hardy), follow the instructions available here.

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New project: Installation Report Generator


That’s a screenshot:

This application, written in Python + GTK, collect informations about user’s hardware and software configuration, then compile an installation report according with the notebook page template of Ubuntu-it’s wiki.

For installation instructions and other informations about the project, please read this.

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Realtek’s modules, new version has been released


If you read my previous article about r8169 module but it wasn’t the best solution for your Realtek ethernet adapter, now it’s the time to be happy! :D

Realtek has released new version of r81* modules and now we’ll proceed to compile and install the right module we need, but please note that I have a RTL8101E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller, so I tested this procedure on Ubuntu 8.04 «Hardy Heron» only with r8101 module.


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How to compile r8168 and r8101 modules for Realtek ethernet adapters


r8169 module has a lot of bugs and it doesn’t work well with a large number of Realtek’s adapters, so, a few days ago, I posted a patch for the Realtek r8101 module, which supports kernel 2.6.23 but not the 2.6.24, newest kernel in Ubuntu 8.04 «Hardy Heron».

This howto could be a solution for a large number of ethernet adapters issues.

The first step is downloading the right driver (r8101 or r8168) for the adapter:

  • r8168 supports RTL8111B, RTL8168B, RTL8111, RTL8168 and RTL8111C;
  • r8102 supports RTL8100E, RTL8101E and RTL8102E-GR.


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A new macro for the Italian wiki


This Stephan Hermann’s article shows a simple and useful macro, which gets a Launchpad bug’s id and returns a link to its bugtracker page.

So, I had an idea: why don’t generalize it and make it compatible with other projects bugtrackers?

Ok, let’s start analyzing the code:


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python -c “print ‘SGVsbG8gcGxhbmV0IQ==\n’.decode(‘base64′)”


Hi guys, that’s my first post on Planet Ubuntu!

I’m Alessio and this is “Everybody lies“, my personal blog (yes, I’m an House M.D. fan) where you should find any kind of information about me and my projects.

For more information about my activities in Ubuntu, visit my wiki homepage.

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